when the superação started

From a work carried out with dependent women, in a therapeutic community on the Mosqueiro Island, one of the 39 that form an island part of the territory of the city of Belém, the superação stand up paddle emerges. The year was 2015 when the architect and chemical dependency consultant Thaissa Scerne uses personal strategic planning (an indispensable tool in the area of ​​public and private business administration) as a methodology for building life projects with women in the community. “The idea was exactly to treat girls as protagonists in their own life stories. Thinking like big companies, big managers who take care of your business and our biggest business was life ”, recalls Thaissa Scerne. On top of the sup board, an architect worked on the lives brought from the rubble of addiction. The strengthening of self-esteem, the recognition of gifts, the reason for the existence of each of the girls, were fed during the activity. “The perfect people are an exercise in looking to the future. To look at the horizon and think like this: In so long, where do I want to be? What I want to be in the four areas of life. Family, social, professional and spiritual? ”, Explains the architect After significant improvements in the treatment of inmates with the use of sup during the re-socialization process, Thaissa who could go further: Present new experiences and overcome challenges with quality of life. In this perspective, the idea of ​​experience tourism arises. That has the objective, valuing learning, traditional knowledge living something unusual in a community. Whether by looking at the stand up paddle, savoring local cuisine or staying in a community. The journalist, tourism expert and one of the creators of the Superação Stand Up Paddle, Ruy Montalvão, reveals that the superaç proposal is the reconnection of man with nature through the sup. “It is a way back that we are looking to do through the sup. In our itineraries, we pass through traditional communities, experience flavors, exchange experiences with the riverside residents and help to strengthen their economy. Today, the luxury is to have time to recharge after a week of work in the city and the superação has this proposition of reconnecting man with nature through the sup and, in our case, with the waters of the Amazon ”.

The Superação today is a stand up paddle brand with its own products (boards, accessories and supwear), which works on experience tourism in the Amazon with a focus on the development of human being.