Crossing Belém 401 years

Stand up paddle, kayak and sailing participated in the 401-year-old crossing of Belém. The event, promoted by SUPeração Stand Up Paddle in partnership with the Gold Mar Hotel, had the purpose: To reinforce the importance of preserving our springs, the search for individual and group overcoming, celebrating the 401 years of the city of Belém.

Music: Nightstalker - Children of the sun

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Stand up Paddle e Kayak

Crossing of Belém 402 years

The event is a tribute to the anniversary of Belém, as well as a beautiful invitation to leisure, physical activities in contact with the nature that needs and deserves to be preserved, in addition to serving to publicize and celebrate sports that are still little known to many of the potential birthday city. indisputable water content in its 60% territory formed by Islands.

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